Holistic and Cognitive Program

The Thinking and Learning Center approaches children’s learning in a holistic manner. When a child struggles in a subject, we don’t tutor in subject material, instead, we use a cognitive program to address the underlying reason for the struggle. We also provide information to help families incorporate a whole-child educational environment through health, emotional, and spiritual areas. When cognitive skills are strengthened, academic areas can grow. We utilize research-based programs and methodologies to ensure competence and confidence in learning. 

Our therapists are trained in one or more of the following programs:

National Institute of Learning Development Educational Therapy

NILD educational therapists receive extensive training and are required to maintain continual professional development. The therapists look at struggles the child faces in academics, focusing on the process of learning and some of the behind the scenes (cognitive) areas such as processing, memory, attention, visual and auditory. NILD Educational therapy is a language-based approach and uses questioning strategies to help students think about their thinking to teach students how to learn. 

Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Therapy

Equipping Minds is a game-based approach to strengthen areas in the brain such as working memory, processing speed, perceptual reasoning, and comprehension. The games take what the student already knows and gets to the foundational roots to build cognitive functions through a brain workout. Equipping minds also takes a holistic approach and offers programs for cognitive development, vestibular, sound, vision, health, and primitive reflex therapies.