We discovered my daughter’s severe dyslexia when she was in Kindergarten right at the age of 6.  Her teacher was a Barton tutor and began working with Grace immediately.  There were a lot of tears and not much progress. After two years of battling and no progression, I finally stopped the tutoring.  I took a year and a half to wait on God and pray for what was right for my daughter. I finally found NILD Educational Therapy and that lead me to the Thinking and Learning Center and to Mrs. Vogel. My daughter began tele-therapy (we call it online class) over 20 months ago. I’m astounded by my daughter’s progress, not just in her language skills, but in her whole person as a critical thinker. She believes in herself and knows she can accomplish anything she desires. Her working memory has improved greatly, as well as her ability to process information which shows in seeing growth in her reading ability.  The great thing about therapy is that the session feels like 30 minutes, as the therapy session is paced for the individual child through the various modalities, making the class interesting and fun. Mrs. Vogel is wonderful at meeting the student where they are at and stretching them just enough to challenge them and grow them to their best potential.     
– Grace’s mom

My son Craig was twelve when we realized he had learning differences. We were referred to the Thinking and Learning Center. When we enrolled our son into a three-year program, he was severely delayed in most subjects. When he graduated from the program, his levels were greatly improved and Craig was able to start dual credit college courses at age 15. We could not reach the levels he needed to be without our therapist (Mrs. Vogel) and her hard work and dedication to an individualized program which improved Craig’s weakness. We are forever grateful we found this program.    
– Craig’s mom

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  1. My daughter began tele-therapy sessions with Mrs. Vogel at the age of 9, a few months before receiving a formal diagnosis of Dyslexia. She used a combo of NILD Educational Therapy and Equipping Minds Cognitive Therapy. We’ve seen substantial improvements in her reading and decoding abilities, as well as her working memory and processing speed. Mrs. Vogel was absolutely wonderful with Laney and was extremely committed to helping me, as a homeschool mom, learn how best to educate her through her learning differences. We are beyond thankful for the Thinking and Learning Center and forever indebted to Mrs. Vogel for her unending grace and support in helping Laney grow and succeed.

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